Important Update: Server Overhaul and Lost Posts

Published at 22:30 2024-01-28

In December 2023, my website faced a critical situation that required immediate attention. The server was temporarily shut down for maintenance and to conduct a thorough investigation into a potential security incident. This decision, though inconvenient, was vital for ensuring the integrity of my VPS.

I want to inform you that, regrettably, my previous posts were lost due to these issues.

I want to clarify that my site does NOT collect any user data. Therefore, the issues I encountered were solely related to the infrastructure and security on my side. As a result, I embarked on a comprehensive rebuild of the server by changing providers and technology, focusing on implementing enhanced security measures. Now, with these significant upgrades in place, I am confident that my website is more secure and robust, ready to offer a more reliable experience.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!

PS. Too much corporate speach for me. I'm going to read something or learn HTMX. btw HTMX is great.