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Tiels I / Tiels II

An open source desktop organization software.

Make your desktop beautiful.

With Tiels you can contain desktop icons in Tiles. Icons can be left-clicked, right-clicked and sorted.
Roll and unroll Tiles whenever you want. You can change background colors of your tiels, toggle blur and change text color.

Open source and forever free!

Tiels is Free and Open Source Software, no features are behind a paywall. Unlike other similar alternatives.

Lightest Lamps

Forge fabric Quilt Lightest Lamps adds a lot of lamps that have bigger light range and special ones.

Forget about torches in your base!

Lightest Lamps add 12+ lamps that have larger work area than vanilla lamps. With one lamp you can light your entire base. Mod is available for Forge, Fabric and Quilt.

Download on modrinth

and there is more...

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