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Custom Temperature Overlay
Temperature legend doesn't update.

Mod adds own implementation of temperature overlay.

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Mod adds customizable Temperature Overlay. Mod adds profiles that are your overlay settings, you can tweak color and tresholds. You can switch between them using toggles.

Creating a profile

In the game open Pause Screen and go to Settings/Options > Game > Open Overlay Profiles. In here you can duplicate a cold.yaml file and set it how you want.


id: Profile ID. Uppercase name without spaces or other special characters.
name: Profile Name.
tresholds: A list of all tresholds.
r,g,b,a: Red, Green, Blue, Transparency between 0 - 255.
temperature: Temperature in Kelvins (K) for color

Example code:

# Profile ID. Uppercase name without spaces or other special characters.
# Profile Name. Name of profile
name: Name
# First temperature range
- color:
	# RGBA colors between 0 - 255
	r: 128
	g: 254
	b: 240
	a: 191
	# Temperature treshold (you go from coldest to warmest)
	temperature: 0
# Next temperature range...
- color:
	r: 43
	g: 203
	b: 255
	a: 191
	temperature: 90
- color:
	r: 31
	g: 161
	b: 255
	a: 191
	temperature: 152
- color:
	r: 59
	g: 254
	b: 74
	a: 191
	temperature: 216
- color:
	r: 239
	g: 255
	b: 0
	a: 191
	temperature: 232
- color:
	r: 255
	g: 169
	b: 36
	a: 191
	temperature: 252
- color:
	r: 251
	g: 83
	b: 80
	a: 191
	temperature: 273
- color:
	r: 251
	g: 2
	b: 0
	a: 191
	temperature: 283
Source and direct download will be soon implemented